Allianz El Kheir

Giving Back To Our Community

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What Is "Allianz El Kheir" ?

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As a key component of its corporate values and commitment towards the Egyptian community, Allianz Egypt kicked off "Allianz El Kheir", the company's newest CSR initiative in Egypt.

Falling within the new strategic CSR initiative, Allianz is sponsoring community development projects, that address two important areas of development in Egypt; Health care - education & development. Health care initiative is organized in cooperation with the Bedaya Foundation. The project addresses health care needs of underprivileged local communities at large.

"Allianz El Kheir is the latest in our strategic CSR plan, which comprises various community services and activities that give back to Egyptian society where we have been providing customized financial services and products for more than 12 years," said Mr. Udo Krueger, Chairman of Allianz Egypt.

First Aid Campaign

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Location: Ezbet El Nasr

Allianz El Kheir ended 2014 with a new initiative making first aid accessible to the community members of Ezbet El Nasr. The initiative worked on spreading first aid education and offering the needed service to the targeted community by building a core group of volunteers from the community. This project was divided into 3 activities:

Activity 1 - Conducting First Aid Training: 18 volunteers from Allianz staff delivered informative sessions about basic first aid and when to recognize that additional medical attention needed to be sought at a health centre or hospital.

Activity 2 - Establishing First Aid Units:  three Allianz branded "First Aid" units were established in two public schools and the local CDA in the community.

Activity 3 - Conducting First Aid Community Initiatives: groups of trained community members conducted a series of initiatives raising community awareness about healthy living and first aid.

Girl's Career Pathway Program

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Location: Dar El Aman Orphanage – Agouza / Dar El Deyafa – Agouza / Dar El Reaya–Agouza

Girls’ Career Pathway Program, in cooperation with Gozour Foundation, is Allianz El Kheir 3rd CSR project. The project covered three orphanages in the area of Agouza within a 3 week timeframe. Covering the educational aspect of the Allianz El Kheir initiative, girls 15 – 18 years old were taught vocational skills (accessory making, skin care and hair product manufacturing), and soft skills (communication, team work and financial literacy). Volunteers from Allianz assisted in most of the skills training sessions, and decorated Dar El Aman orphanage in a closing ceremony. During the closing ceremony, the girls received their certificates for the products they have made, as well as the necessary tools and kits to further develop what they had learned.

Bedaya Medical Caravan

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Location: Bani Soueif, Ahnasya

Allianz El Kheir jumpstarted its CSR campaign with its first development project, a medical caravan in Bani Soueif, in cooperation with Bedaya Foundation. The medical caravan made it possible for those with serious health and financial problems to receive proper checkups, medication and hospital referrals for free. A number of awareness sessions concerning widely spread illnesses, such as hepatitis, cancer, etc., were conducted.  Moreover, children were taught about proper hygiene and were provided with the proper tools.  

Allianz employees played a big part in this project not only by acting as organizers, making sure the whole process went smoothly, but also by interacting with the patients.

Bedaya Ramadan Food Packages

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Location: Bani Soueif

Continuing the Allianz El Kheir initiative with its second corporate CSR project, Allianz volunteers travelled to Bani Soueif to distribute food bags to the poor and needy. The purpose of the bags distribution was to help the poor of Bani Soueif with basic food supplies for surviving the holy month of Ramadan.