Allianz Partnership with Helm

Allianz - helm

In Allianz, we aim to build a culture that celebrates the differences. Allianz objective is to change the expectations and perceptions of people towards disabilities, on both an emotional and intellectual level, showing them that disabled are just differently abled persons who do the same activities we do but in a different way.

Accordingly Allianz supported Helm NGO in making the streets around Cairo University including (pavements, walkways, bus stations and Faisal & Cairo University metro stations) accessible to all, by building ramps, pedestrian lights, tactile blocks and developing metro stations and buses at the vicinity of Cairo University, so that this area becomes accessible for people with special needs to be able to walk and ride without the need to ask for help, and also to encourage different stakeholders within the society to design and build their public venues accessible for all and, therefore, ensuring equal opportunity for all.

The project is divided into 3 phases:

  1. Research studies phase
  2. Design development and contracting phase
  3. Implementation phase

Project Details

The project started off by creating an online click-funding campaign through the support of “Bassita” and “Drosos” by launching a video directed by the Egyptian director Amr Salama and featuring the stars Menna Shalabi and Ahmed Malek.
The video depicts both stars tackling the many obstacles people with disabilities face while moving throughout Cairo. It ends with a call to action stating that when people share the video, a donation is made to Helm to support them on their mission to make Cairo more accessible for all. The campaign has succeeded in achieving its target of 4 million points (views, likes, shares and comments) in the first 12 hours of its launch.

Allianz - posthelm

So far, a lot of work has been either implemented or in process in three areas:

  • Cairo University Metro Station
  • Faisal Metro Station
  • Giza Street crossings and sidewalks.

In Cairo University Metro Station, the public bathroom has been renovated inside the station and equipped in alignment with global standards to be accessible for persons with disabilities. One ticket window has been dedicated to serving persons with disability and necessary changes have been made accordingly.

Many other work is still in process in Cairo University & Faisal Metro Stations and Giza Street crossings and sidewalks, such as, installing a screen showing awareness material on how to deal with persons with disability, installing Braille and directional signage, adding two ticket gates accessible to persons with disability according to global standards, developing automated system for the elevators & gates, installation of tactile route accessible to persons with visual impairment and installation of ramps and curb cuts.