We Need You!!!

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We have five good reasons why you should help us building the strongest financial community.


   We are faithful to our heritage

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Learn more about what Carl von Thieme had in mind when he founded Allianz in 1890.



  Help us to manage the megatrends of the 21st century

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We discovered seven megatrends which need to be managed together with your help.



  One company, hundreds of jobs

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We have hundreds of jobs to offer and one thing we want you to be.



  Staff Development

The satisfaction of our customers is one of the core objectives of Allianz Egypt.  In order to achieve this goal the competence, experience, attitude and aptitude of our employees and business partners are essential factors.  Based on the solid foundation of the Allianz Global Values we strive to be “Responsible”, “Caring”, “Connected” and “Excellent”.  

Our newly established “Allianz Training Center” is a vital component in our ambition to constantly improve technical knowledge, skills and general conduct of our employees and partners.  In operation now for the second year we can be proud of what has been achieved so far.  In 2014 we have delivered 76 training modules to a total of 501 participants.  The average training cost per employee in Allianz Egypt exceeded USD 250 per annum. The variety of training offerings is constantly reviewed, improved and expanded. 

In Allianz Training Center we offer different types of training courses. We provide trainings in three categories: Mandatory Training, Technical Training and Complementary Training. A mandatory training is any type of training that is compulsory as part of standard job requirements, such as the compliance training. A technical training is designed to develop product, insurance and functional knowledge of employees. Finally, we complete the development path of our employees with the complementary trainings that enhance their interpersonal skills and aptitude.

Allianz Training Center is considered the hub of training services to all Allianz employees in the MENA region. In terms of training facilities, methodologies and expertise, Allianz Egypt provides the biggest and the most up-to-date training packages in the region.

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