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Progressive organizations need to provide a competitive set of Employee Benefits. By providing a flexible, high-value benefit packages, you'll be better equipped to retain your best talents and appeal to prospective candidates. Our Employee Benefit packages are tailored to increase the financial security of staff members, and in doing so, improve motivational and retention levels across the organization.

One of the main elements of a comprehensive benefits package must be pension planning and provision for your employees during their golden years.

Allianz Group Retirement Plan is your golden retention tool to your most valuable assets, your employees. A group retirement plan is a saving plan that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of employers and employees in Egypt.


  • Contribution
  • Different types of flexible contribution:
    • Defined Target benefit: A traditional end of service indemnity compensation plan that guarantees a set benefit based on earnings and years of service.
    • Defined contribution: A retirement plan in which the employer, employee or both contribute a set percentage of the employee's salary on a regular basis. Individual accounts are set up for insured employees and benefits are based on the amounts credited to these accounts.
  • Additional booster injections at any time.
  • Variable contributions: variation rate selected by the client to overcome salary increases and inflation.
  • Currency options: Plans are available in US Dollar and Egyptian Pound.
  • Investment Techniques

Build your pension fund portfolio according to your investment risk appetite, including but not limited to; segregate or non-segregate investments.

  • Insurance Benefits 

Availability of insurance coverage.

  • Maturity Benefits
  • On retirement benefits can be paid :
    • Lump Sum payment at retirement
    • Annuity payment for a period selected by the client
    • Combination of lump sum and annuity
  • In case of leaving the scheme, employee may switch to individual retirement plan. (Terms and Conditions apply).


Tailor-made solutions

Competitive terms

Professional claims management

Dedicated account manager

With Allianz Group Retirement Plan, we promise you...

  • Access to a variety of tailor-made solutions that best suit your employees.
  • Competitive terms through collective saving scheme rather than an individual approach.
  • A dedicated Key Account Manager to manage the overall business relationship across all lines of business, as well as a dedicated Operations Account Manager to take care of all your day to day operational requests.
  • Clear and comprehensive seminar presentations according to the employees and management levels.
  • Prompt and efficient claims management.