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  Cash In Transit

While transporting money, there is always risk. Cash in Transit provides indemnity for cash lost due to armed robbery, while cash is in transit from your premises to the premises of your clients, and vice versa.  Money can be redeemed in many forms: bank notes, currency notes, treasury notes, bank drafts, checks, postal orders, money orders, insurance and postage stamps and cash.

  Fidelity Guarantee

Nobody is perfect, and this also goes for your employees. Fidelity Guarantee covers the loss of money and property as a direct result of fraud, theft or dishonesty inflicted by any of your employees during the course of employment.

  Group Personal Accident

Ensuring people’s safety is a big responsibility. While accidents are unforeseen and sudden; caused by factors which you cannot control, what happens next is something which you can control. With Group Personal Accident, your employees, clients or students are protected against unplanned and unintended personal accidents leading to physical harm, injury or death. Monetary compensation is awarded, as well as weekly benefits in case of temporary disability. Medical and funeral expenses can also be taken care of at an additional premium.