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  Public Liability

Your business could be doing everything right, but there could still be a chance that something might go wrong. Public Liability provides protection against third party claims in the event of personal injury or property damage as a direct result of your business activities, while covering legal costs. It also protects you against liabilities arising within your premises or from your business operations. Worldwide territory and jurisdiction can be included in Public Liability policies.

  Product Liability

Businesses have a responsibility towards their stakeholders. That’s why at Allianz, we have your back if you are held accountable to third parties for any personal injury or property damage caused by your business products or operations. With Product liability, you don’t have to worry about legal defense costs. Worldwide territory and jurisdiction can be included in Public Liability policies.

  Employer's Liability

If your employees are subjected to any kind of harm, you, as a business owner, could suffer from substantial financial loss as a result. Being insured means that you are protected from employee claims arising from work related disease or injury.

  Auto Liability

When you are held accountable for accidents caused by any of your automobiles, it is a relief to know that you are insured. Auto Liability protects you against financial loss if you hurt someone or someone’s property as a result of accidents.

  Professional Indemnity

As a professional, if you make an error or mission you are exposed to being sued for negligence or for breach of contract. The professional nature of your work usually means your advice, service or product is worth millions of pounds to your clients or may have significant impact or effect on third parties.