We use our expertise and knowledge to deal with claims quickly and effectively

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How to Submit a Claim

We understand the significant impact a loss can have on policyholders, their beneficiaries and/or their businesses. Therefore, while handling a claim, we use our expertise and knowledge to deal with claims quickly and effectively.

To submit a claim, follow the below procedures: 

  • Claim Notification

- Notifications may be submitted by the Claim Notification Form or any other written form.

- Policy number, date of event, type of claim(s) and diagnosis must be indicated in the Claim Notification Form.

  • Claim Form Requisition

Claim Forms are available at our branch offices and on the website.

  • Completion of Claim Form

All information required in the Claimant’s Statement must be answered and signed by the Claimant.

  • Claim Submission at Allianz

You can choose from two convenient methods of notification, by e-mail or hand delivered at any of our branches. Please refer to the Company Directory for all relevant contact details.

Non-motor claims can also be reported 24/7 via our dedicated mail-box:

  • Contact Customer Service

Our customer service professionals are available to assist you in submitting new claims and addressing claim related queries workdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm via the Claims Hotline number: 19909.

What Are The Required Documents?

Our primary concern is your safety, so it is important before contacting us that you take the necessary steps to ensure that you and your passengers are taken out of any potentially dangerous situation.

Please try to have the following information and/or documentation ready so we can handle your claim as quickly as possible:

  • Your name and/or company details
  • The name, address and telephone number of the policyholder, together with email addresses
  • Policy reference number
  • Date of loss, or date the accident was reported if date of loss is unknown
  • Location of loss
  • Nature of loss
  • Circumstances of claim, details of what has been damaged and estimation of costs

When registering a claim, it is important that you provide us with all the above listed information to enable us to efficiently and quickly process your claim. Incomplete information could risk a slow claim process or an inability to confirm your cover.

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Download Claim Forms

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What Happens Next?

Upon receiving notification of a new claim:

  • Your claim is acknowledged on the same day.
  • An expert is appointed depending on the nature and extent of your claim.

After gathering all the relevant information, we will:

  • Advise you concerning the best course of action to take concerning the claim situation – for example, appoint appropriate technical experts to facilitate the claim process 
  • Guide you through all the steps of the claim cycle
  • Proactively keep policyholders and brokers informed about the progress of the claim
  • Proactively manage third parties
  • Work towards settling the claim as quickly and fairly as possible as per policy terms and conditions

Reporting your claims as soon as possible ensures that you receive the best service while protecting our mutual interests from the outset.