Allianz1 - Your Insurance Planning Tool

Allianz offers you the opportunity to plan for peace of mind – with a unique software solution that allows you to calculate a competitive price for such peace of mind. 

Whether you are interested in health insurance schemes for you and your family, the protection of your business, your car or your home against day-to-day risks,  the financial protection against the loss of life or a combination of all such insurance solutions – you can now design the protection that suits your expectations and financial abilities from the comfort of your home. 

The protection modules can be chosen and personalized to match your needs for your specific life events.

Once completed, you will be provided with a quotation tailored to your choices.

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Your Property

  • Home insurance: Home Plus
  • Business office/shop: Business Plus
  • Car: Motor Solutions

Your Health and Safety

  • Medical care: Health Plus
  • Critical care abroad: Best Doctors
  • Life Assurance: Term Life

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