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  Program Brief

Nowadays, chances of surviving serious medical conditions are very high. However, treatment costs have also increased significantly.  

That’s why, at Allianz Egypt, we have tailored a unique critical care insurance program in cooperation with Best Doctors™ organization to provide you and your family access to the world’s best doctors and best international medical care abroad.

Best Doctors was founded in 1989 with the aim of helping people get the right diagnosis, the right treatment and the best medical care. Best Doctors™ is a leader in providing healthcare programs, combining world class medical expertise, care management and financial support to help people access the highest quality medical care anywhere in the world. With a presence in over 40 countries, Best Doctors™ has grown its membership to more than 30 million members globally.

With Allianz Best Doctors, you can focus on getting healthy without having to worry about expenses.

Recommended For...

  • Customers looking for international medical consultation in case of critical illness
  • Customers seeking international medical treatment abroad
  • Customers who are looking for cost effective international critical care solutions


  • Illnesses Covered

  • Outstanding Services

  • Exceptional Insurance Coverage

Illnesses Covered

  • Cancer treatment ( treatment of any malignant tumour including leukaemia, sarcoma  and lymphoma as well as any treatment of a pre-malignant tumour and in-situ cancer)
  • Coronary artery bypass ( myocardial revascularization)
  • Heart valve replacement or repair
  • Neurosurgery: surgical intervention of the brain and/ or other intracranial structures
  • Organ or tissue transplantation in which insured receives a kidney, segment of a liver, a pulmonary lobe, section of pancreas or bone marrow from a live compatible donor

Outstanding Services

  • InterConsultation: a second medical opinion service provided by leading international specialists confirming your diagnosis and cover, activated by one phone call.
  • Find Best Care: choice of most suitable medical facilities abroad, coordination of all medical appointments and arrangement of travel and accommodation details, on-going support and continuous treatment monitoring.

Exceptional Insurance Coverage

  • Up to USD 1,000,000 insured/policy term and USD 2,000,000 insured/lifetime, including travel and accommodation expenses for the insured and one companion, repatriation expenses, in addition to daily hospitalization indemnity.


With Allianz Best Doctors, you will have access to the world's best doctors and treatment 

  • International expert medical opinion to ensure correct diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Treatment outside Egypt in the best international medical clinics and hospitals
  • Program covers travel and accommodation expenses for the insured and one companion, repatriation expenses, in addition to daily hospitalization cost indemnity
  • Affordable premiums
  • Plans for adults and children in addition to family packages

  Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 . What is the difference between Allianz Best Doctors and any private health insurance policy?

Allianz Best Doctors focuses on the most serious illnesses with more limited covered conditions but unlike the majority of health insurance programs, we provide you with medical treatment and procedures abroad with affordable premiums. Other programs that do provide medical treatment abroad are usually very expensive, do not provide transport and accommodation expenses for the insured and a companion and require upfront payment.  At Allianz, we take care of everything for you. All you need is to focus on your health and getting better. We remove the burden of choosing the best place for treatment as we set your appointments with the best medical experts.

Q2. Who can buy this product?

Individuals, families (legal spouse and children) and company employees / professionals belonging to an association.

Q3. What is the maximum age for purchasing this policy?

Allianz Best Doctors policy is renewable until the insured member turns 65 years old and 18 years old for dependent children. The age of dependent children under the policy can be prolonged up to 24 years in cases where the children are not regularly employed on full time basis, are full time students or are primarily financially dependent on the policy holder.

Q4. Do I need a medical check-up before applying for the policy?

No medical tests are required for application. Individuals are requested to fill in a short health questionnaire/declaration. Corporate members are subject to the fulfillment of the group scheme eligibility criteria.

Q5. Can I receive treatment in Egypt?

The Allianz Best Doctors policy covers treatment for the covered conditions worldwide excluding Egypt.

Q6. What are pre-existing conditions and are they covered?

Any illnesses which were diagnosed, treated or known to have existed by the insured within the 10 years prior to the commencement date of the policy. Pre-existing conditions are not covered as per Policy Terms and Conditions.