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  Program Brief

Because every parent’s wish is to see their child happy and successful, giving your child a good education goes a long way in helping them secure better jobs, get higher salaries and enjoy a financially comfortable life. However, in today’s world, exorbitant university fees may pose a threat to this dream. With Allianz, sending your children to the best schools and universities does not have to be a financial strain.

Allianz Program for Education is a unique life assurance plan coupled with investment benefits designed to help you take the right step to securing your children’s future. Through regular payment, you can ensure that your children will have the education they deserve no matter what, even in the unfortunate case of death or total permanent disability.

If you start Allianz Program for Education now, you are taking the right step in securing your children's education. The earlier you start, the greater the benefits and better education you secure for your children, thus you can initiate the education plan as soon as your child is born.

Secure Their Future!

Many families make great sacrifices to send their children to the best schools. However, by planning ahead and setting aside savings, securing a proper education does not have to be a fınancial strain on the family.


Allianz has developed a truly unique and flexible program that will be there for you every step of the way:

  • A tailor-made program with a wide margin of flexibility
  • Waiver of premium and schooling in case of death or total permanent disability
  • Variety of different payment frequencies: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually
  • The plan is available in Egyptian pound or US dollar
  • The option of injecting booster payments to the program at any time, for the purpose of increasing the investment benefits at maturity
  • Providing maturity benefits in lump sum or annuities up to five payments
  • The option to partially withdraw from your investment account in case of any unforeseen financial need that arises after the completion of first policy year

  How It Works

Start Planning Now!

Have you thought...

  • How much it costs to get your children enrolled in a reputable university now?
  • How to secure good education for more than 1 child?
  • How would your children achieve their dreams if any misfortune happened?

Like any parent, you would like to ensure that your children will have the means to secure a bright professional future based on a strong educational foundation. You decide to take the right step and initiate Allianz Program for Education, whereby you invest an amount at your preferred frequency until your children are ready to attend university. With this investment, you feel confident that you are investing in your children’s future and ensuring that they will have the means to make their dreams come true.

  1. After your discussion with Allianz financial consultant, you can set the frequency, amount of premiums, and your children's desired educational plans and targets.
  2. You receive the required tuition fees when the time comes for your children to start university. In order to pay tuition regularly and easily, you can choose to either receive the payment in lump sum or yearly installments.

This alone gives you great peace of mind, knowing that university fees will not be a burden. ln addition, you will feel confident that your children's future is protected no matter what. Allianz Program for Education ensures that even if you suffer an unexpected disability or death, your children's university education fees will still be covered as agreed, as well as the schooling expenses required for them to successfully reach university age fully prepared.


Basic Cover

  • Death Cover

In case of death of the insured person, Allianz Egypt will waive the regular due premium payments and pay it instead of the policyholder in addition to tuition fees at the age of university.

Additional Optional Covers

  • Total Permanent Disability

This benefit includes the payment of the death cover in case the insured person suffered from total and permanent disability due to accident and/or illness for a continuous period of six (6) months without being able to perform his/her usual occupation or any other occupation.

  • Schooling

In case of death or total permanent disablement of the insured person, Allianz Egypt will pay the schooling fees on yearly installments.

  Additional Benefits

Policy Adjustments

On premium anniversary after the first calendar year (maximum twice a year) 


An extra premium injected to the policy to increase the investment benefits that can be withdrawn anytime with profit 

Premium Variation

Protect your benefits against inflation