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  Program Brief

As a business owner, you are probably very familiar with risk; after all, your business success was mainly due to some risk taking. However, these risks come with a heavy price if things don’t go according to plan. Because of unanticipated events such as declining sales, temporary suspension of operations, damaged machinery, or displaced human resources, your business could suffer from significant financial losses.

Business Plus properly insures your business and the tools and facilities that are vital to your operations, you can rest assured that you will have the financial support you need in a crisis and will be able to recover your losses quickly.

Recommended For...

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Offices: lawyers, accounting, agencies, etc.
  • Clinics: medical clinics, X-ray centers, labs, etc.
  • Shops: exhibitions, wholesale & retailers, pharmacies, hairdressers, etc.


  • Office/Shop

  • Contents

  • Show Windows

  • Money Insurance

  • Loss of Revenue (optional)


  • Coverage against: fire, explosions, water tanks overflow, water pipes explosion
  • Allianz provides customers with a compensation to pay for alternative accommodation if the insured location becomes uninhabitable
  • Architects and surveyor fees, any judicial expenses paid by the insured to any governmental entities due to building loss/damage
  • Removal of debris


  • Damages that happen to contents while temporarily moving them anywhere inside Egypt
  • The company will cover the costs of restoring papers, files, plans, records, drawings and data as well as installation cost of programs used for business purpose

Show Windows

  • The company is committed to pay compensation for any damages related to the insured contents inside the show windows outside the building and is not connected to the insured place as well as repairing or replacing the broken glass

Money Insurance

  • This insurance covers loss of money while being in the cashier's machine and/or safe in the insured premises during business hours and also covers loss of money in safe only while the insured's premises is closed after business hours

Loss of Revenue (optional)

  • Compensation paid for the loss of the expected revenue as a result of a covered risk which prevents the continuity of the business for a maximum period of three (3) months

  Covered Risks

Allianz - busines2
  • Natural hazards: earthquakes, floods and thunders
  • Collision or accidental fall of the building
  • Water tanks overflow
  • Fresh water or natural gas pipe explosion
  • Falling trees, telegraph poles or street lampposts
  • Burglary / robbery
  • Show windows damage and breaking glass
  • Loss of rent
  • Loss of money while being in cashier’s machine and/or safe


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With Allianz Business Plus, you can rest assured that you will have the financial support you need during any crisis

  • Protection against a wide range of accidents
  • The ability to revise and expand your coverage at any time to suit your changing needs
  • Fast and professional service
  • A comprehensive and clearly documented contract with no hidden clauses or conditions
  • A flawless record of accomplishment honoring all agreements

  Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there a minimum fee?

The sum you pay will be based on the valuation of your business. Rates differ based on sector of business.

Q2. How often do I have to pay?

Business Plus is a twelve-month plan, payable just once a year.

Q3. What obligations do I have to honor to receive Business Plus coverage?

Allianz Egypt is fully committed to protecting your business. However, it is essential that you take practical steps to protect your business as well. Your facilities should be equipped with fire extinguishers, proper locks, and other basic safety equipment.