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Allianz in the MENA Region

Allianz Group acquired presence in the MENA Region since more than 50 years through Allianz SNA, its Operating Entity (OE) in Lebanon.

It gradually expanded to Egypt in 2002 through Allianz Egypt and to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2007 through Allianz Saudi Fransi, a joint venture company with Banque Saudi Fransi.

It is also present in the United Arab Emirates throughout Allianz Global Services:

Head Office Address
Business Park A,
Building A1 - Cairo Festival City -
New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Tel:  (+202) 23 22 3000
Fax: (+202) 23 22 3001
General Information 
Area: 1,001,000 km2
Population: 84.7 millions
Life Expectancy: 71 years
GDP 2013: 262,000 million USD
Head Office Address
Makkah Al Mukarramah Branch Road,
Az Zahra, Riyadh 12811,
Saudi Arabia
General Information 
Area: 2,150,000 km2
Population: 30.1 millions
Life Expectancy: 74 years
GDP 2013: 718,500 million USD
Head Office Address
Allianz SNA s.a.l.
Allianz SNA bldg. Hazmieh

Tel:  +961 5 422 000
Fax: +961 5 956 624

P.O. Box: 16-6528 Beirut - Lebanon

General Information
Area: 10,452 km2
Population: 4.8 millions
Life Expectancy: 80 years
GDP 2013: 43,500 million USD