Letter From
Allianz Egypt CEO

Dear Valued Customers,

The world is watching on nervously as the coronavirus outbreak unfolds. All of us are worried about our own health and that of our families. That’s understandable: this pandemic is showing a momentum that we've never seen before. While we must be vigilant, we should also avoid panicking.

Your well-being is extremely important to Allianz, and we all have an obligation to be there for you in this difficult time. 

I want to assure you: you are not alone, we are all in this together. 

The company’s Board of Management is meeting on daily basis to monitor the situation closely. Precautionary measures were taken instantly, according to the evolution of the virus spread conditions, in order to secure Allianz customers’ interest and business continuity as well as employees’ safety. 

We shall keep you informed about the situation and the updates from our side.

Your security is our top priority, please stay safe!

Cairo, 16/03/2020


Ayman Hegazy
Chairman & CEO
Allianz Companies in Egypt