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What is Market Management?

Allianz Egypt Market Management with all its functions work closely with all departments to guarantee a positive experience for clients

The Strategic Marketing department is responsible for analyzing existing and future trends in the market, as well as internal factors that may have an impact on the business environment and future growth. The department also has an active role in developing strategic partnerships and business development opportunities to diversify revenue streams and capture new market opportunities.

The Corporate Communication department is responsible for promoting a positive image and control the dissemination of information on the company’s behalf: with stakeholders, media, employees, and the public.

Through developing and executing effective communication and media relations programs. Including, but not limited to:

  • Contents strategy execution i.e. Key Messaging (to be disseminating/covered well via proper channels & occasions), and consistent company positioning / imagery with proper consistent copywriting and story telling across different mediums & channels (e.g. ATL, Media, Digital, Print, Press Releases, Articles, Newsletters, Interviews, Events, Placements & Executions...etc.).
  • Initial collaboration plans with Media, Influencers Marketing & Blogger Relations to enhance & maintain Corporate's positive perception & media presence.
  • Media Trend Spotting - Media Monitoring and analysis (e.g. Political, economic, public opinion, industry trends...etc.).
  • In addition to media training, reporting, events management, and Social Media & Community Management against reputational / crisis risks.
  • Reinforce and communicate the corporate purpose, strategies, and values internally to increase employees’ engagement & loyalty.

Strategic Marketing Department
Corporate Communication Department

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