Allianz Egypt Condemns All Acts of Hate and Violence

Allianz Egypt (and its shareholders “SanlamAllianz”) express their deepest condolences and sorrow for the tragic loss of lives while condemning all acts of hate, and violence and hopes for an expeditious and sustainable resolution to the conflict.

Allianz Egypt confirms that it is an Egyptian company founded in 1976, as the Arab International Insurance Company. In 2004, it was acquired under its current commercial names, Allianz Life Assurance Company and Allianz Insurance Company. In 2023, the company in Egypt became part of “SanlamAllianz” alliance, where "Sanlam Group”, the largest non-banking financial services company in Africa, is the majority shareholder that owns and controls 60% of the new alliance shares, with full control of management across Africa.

Allianz Egypt is fully managed by Egyptians and has a long and distinguished history of contribution to the Egyptian economy, with assets under management worth more than EGP 22 Bn for Allianz Life Assurance Company and more than EGP 2 Bn for Allianz Insurance Company. Allianz Egypt provides more than 1,800 direct and indirect employment opportunities, with branches spread over more than 15 Egyptian governorates and present in more than 700 bank branches, to provide financial services to retail and corporate customer segments. The company is also committed to launching several developmental initiatives that serve the Egyptian community, mainly in the education and health fields.

Roadside emergency services include...

Car Towing
Fuel Delivery
Battery re-charging
Tire Replacement
Transport of passengers (up to 50 km)
Return of customer after delivering car to agency

Make a small change & a significant impact!

Starting with the kids … Allianz took recycling activities to a new level in Sahel this summer. We started by teaching our little ones how to be sustainable by telling them stories and making them use empty plastic bottles to make their own turtle which they enjoyed and learned a lot from.

Allianz recycling machine

Also, we placed Allianz plastic recycling machine, where people simply can insert used plastic bottles or cans and the machine recycles them up. In return, it offers people a gift from Allianz.

Be our next EARTH HERO

Collect the largest number of plastic bottles and cans and recycle them in Dawarha machine, available in NorthCoast and get the chance to be our Earth Hero and win special gifts from Allianz

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