File a Motor Insurance Claim

We are aware that motor accidents might occur at any time; therefore we aim at getting our policyholders back on the road as quickly as possible and with minimum fuss. We take a proactive approach in managing claims to ensure a prompt response and an immediate solution.

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How to submit a Motor Insurance claim?

Step 1:

Stay calm

Step 2:

Check for Injuries
If needed call 123 for Ambulance
or 122 for Police

Step 3:

Call Roadside Assistance
(if needed)

Step 4:

Report your claim

Use the "My Allianz" mobile app or
Allianz Customer Portal or send
directly to our dedicated

download my allianz app

Step 5:

Deliver/Tow your vehicle to repair shop (If needed)

For a seamless process it is recommended to deliver your car to one of Allianz recommended repair centers. The "My Allianz" mobile app will help you locate the nearest repair shop.

recommended repair centers

Step 6:

Wait for your car to be surveyed and we will contact you

Profit from our hassle-free claim process

Submit your Claim using the My Allianz App!

  • "My Allianz" mobile application will be your companion on the road. Through "My Allianz" you will know all the needed SOS numbers as well as the Road Side Assistance numbers.
  • You can also locate the nearest repair shop to you and will help you reach it via directions.
  • Finally, you can submit your claim in a seamless process and provide all the needed details and pictures and a claim acknowledgement will be sent to you right away with your claim number.

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