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Group Life Plan

Progressive organizations need to provide a competitive set of Employee Benefits. By providing a flexible, high-value benefit packages, you'll be better equipped to retain your best talents and appeal to prospective candidates. Our Employee Benefit packages are tailored to increase the financial security of staff members, and in doing so, improve motivational and retention levels across the organization.

The Group Life Plan is a unique employee retention program that provides income protection coverage for the insured beneficiaries. Covers can be tailored according to specific conditions and categories. These protection solutions are also available, bundled or stand-alone.

This is what Allianz Group Life Plan offers you at a glance

Basic Cover

Life Assurance

Allianz provides your employees with insurance cover in case of death, due to any cause, whilst insured under this policy and upon receipt of all the claims documents requested.

Additional Optional Covers

يمكنك أيضًا توفير باقة من المزايا التأمينية الشاملة لموظفيك، من خلال إضافة مجموعة واسعة من التغطيات الاختيارية على وثيقة التأمين الجماعي على الحياة، و المصممة خصيصًا لتلائم طبيعة عمل شركتك واحتياجات موظفيك.

Total and Permanent Disability Benefit

This benefit covers the insured employee prior to his/her 60th birthday in case of total and permanent disability due to accident and/or illness for a continuous period of six months without being able to perform his/her usual occupation or any other occupation.

Accidental Partial Permanent Disability

This benefit becomes payable if the insured employee, prior to his 60th birthday, suffers from bodily injuries as a result of an accident and becomes partially disabled on a permanent basis.  Allianz will make a lump sum payment to the insured for that disability.

Accidental Death

This cover provides an additional sum insured in the event of death of the insured employee, prior to his 60th birthday, as a result of injuries days due to an accident. Coverage is equivalent to 100% of the basic life assurance cover.

With Allianz Group Life Plan, we promise you...

Tailor-made Solutions

Access to a variety of tailor-made solutions that best suit your employees with the most competitive pricing.


Different type of plans where the sum insured can be a multiple of monthly earnings or a fixed lump sum for all employees or according to occupational level.

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated Key Account Manager to manage the overall business relationship across all lines of business, as well as a dedicated Operations Account Manager to take care of all your day to day operational requests.

Employees Seminars

Clear and comprehensive seminar presentations according to the employees and management levels.

Efficient Service

Prompt and efficient claims management.

Transparency in your contract

You can count on Allianz. In our case you do not have to fear any cost traps in case of damage.

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Program is offered from Allianz Insurance Company - Egypt (S.A.E) License no. 13/2001 in insurance companies registry in Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority

Allianz Life Assurance Company - Egypt (S.A.E) License no. 15/2001 in insurance companies registry in Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority


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