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What are our Operations?

At Allianz we have a truly diverse workforce made up of people of every conceivable background.

Information Technology (IT) department is committed to provide solutions, business applications and services to differentiate Allianz Egypt from its competitors by using latest technologies and applying best practices to support business and exceeds customers’ expectations. IT department creates and supports an environment where customers, employees & partners can easily and securely access information.

Life Operations:

  • Review and confirm the accuracy of new business as per Allianz underwriting guidelines on daily basis.
  • Screening and issuing simple.
  • Creation of endorsements (technical & non-technical).

Technical Unit:

  • Assess all of the company’s individual risks and strictly implement and control underwritingoperations.
  • Ensuring adherence to the related Allianz standards, policies, procedures and authority limits and in accordance with the policy conditions
Information Technology Department
Life & Technical Operations

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