PadelPod Partnership


Being a very active in promoting the wellbeing of the community in Egypt through supporting sports, Allianz in Egypt is now partnering with PadelPod Sports Academy!

On Sunday, the 5th of January 2020, Allianz and PadelPod Academy have celebrated the launch of their three-year partnership, where Allianz will be supporting all PadelPod activities and players in Egypt. 

“Allianz Padel Tournament”  was announced to start and it will be taking place in all PadelPod's courts across Cairo all year long and Allianz has presented the Tournament Cup that will be handed to the winning team by the end of the tournament.

PadelPod was established in 2017, it is the go-to place for 1000+ padel players and enthusiasts in Egypt from east and west Cairo. PadelPod is now not only an established company offering courts around the country in 5 different locations, it is also an academy with Egypt’s only certified coaches from the International Federation of Padel. Now with over 1000 active players, PadelPod has created a family, with an adults and junior’s academy, they are creating a bigger and bigger community for Padel in the country. 

In addition to Padel being a hybrid between tennis and squash it also incorporates male and female players from all age ranges as it doesn’t rely solely on the physical abilities and stamina of players, but also on seeking to nourish their technical, cognitive and social skills and habits. 


You can contact us on Allianz Customer Service Number from Sunday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Inside Egypt: 19909 I Outside Egypt on abroad: (202+) 21260000

Or you can send your query to anytime so we could respond to all your queries precisely.

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