Property & Casualty Solutions


  • Your property is your investment, and we will help you protect it. Allianz Property Insurance provides coverage against physical loss or damage to your property caused by fire, lightning, aircraft, explosion, storm, flood, burst pipes, impact, riot, malicious damage, accidental damage or theft.
Many things can cause your business to come to a halt; but whatever they are, you need to be covered against the financial loss resulting from these interruptions. Allianz Business Interruption covers you against a list of perils that are in line with Commercial Property policy to help you smoothly get back to business.
When tragedy knocks, you ought to be prepared. Fire and other related perils come unexpected and sudden, causing considerable damage to your property. Allianz Fire and Allied Perils secures you against consequent damage to your buildings, machinery, goods or furniture. Losses, fees, and any financial liability resulting from these incidents are covered.
Following forcible entry, your property could be severely damaged or lost. This insurance covers you against the risks of burglary.
Program is offered from Allianz Insurance Company - Egypt (S.A.E) License no. 13/2001 in insurance companies registry in Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority