We make every effort to provide you 
an outstanding claims service

Claims Process

  • Making a claim can be a time of great stress, at Allianz Egypt, we pride ourselves on  the skills, expertise of our claims team and  claims services we provide across the country. We are always there when our customers need us, helping them recover from their losses with empathy and timely service and guiding them easily through the claims process.
  • By working closely with our customers and brokers, we ensure that all parties connected with a claim are well informed of the developments at every stage, that the costs are contained and that claims are settled fairly and in a timely manner.
  • Centralized claims service and specialist claims team with the expertise required to provide you with:
  • Excellent customer service
  • High technical standards
  • Smooth running of all aspects of a claim
  • A unique reference number when a claim is notified to ensure future communications are maintained effectively
  • Proactive claims management
  • Flexible bespoke services where a specific need arises
  • Regular communication throughout the claims process including:
  • Acknowledgements sent to your nominated contact on the day of notification.
  • Development of the claims process, by phone, email, SMS, fax or post
Be empathetic and understanding and act promptly with efficiency
Listen to you carefully and respond quickly and effectively and learn from the feedback provided to continually improve
Inform you of the claim's progress and ensure that you understand the extent of acceptance of the claim and any limiting policy terms and conditions and always explain the reasons behind our decisions