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File Life Insurance Claim

If you wish to notify us of critical illness, permanent/total disability or death of an insured person, please follow the below steps:

  1. Claim Notification
    Notifications are submitted by the Claim Notification Form
    Policy number, date of event, type of claim(s) and diagnosis must be indicated in the Claim Notification Form.
  2. Completion of Claim Form
    All information required in the Claimant’s Statement must be answered and signed by the Claimant.
  3. Claim Submission at Allianz
In Case of Death
  1. Filled Claim Form and Claimant’s Statement for death claim
  2. Original death certificate
  3. Beneficiaries IDs
  4. Legal inheritance announcement
  5. Court order for minors
  6. Original policy
  7. Medical documents
  8. Police report (in case of accident)
In Case of Total/Permanent Disability or Critical Illness
  1. Filled Claim Form and Claimant’s Statement for critical illness/total permanent disability claim
  2. Insured ID
  3. Original policy
  4. Medical documents
  5. Police report (in case of accident)