Allianz Program for 
Financial Planning

Main Benefits and Features

We all have ambitious dreams; whether it is getting a PhD, starting up a business, buying a house or even getting married. However, big dreams often carry a heavy price tag. That’s why it is crucial to plan early on so that when the right time comes, you are adequately prepared to take on the role of your dreams. Count on the Allianz Program for Financial Planning to get you closer to your dream.

  • Allianz Program for Financial Planning is a unique life assurance plan coupled with investment benefits, designed specifically to meet the needs of young adults who will need financial support during the many stages of their lives. 
  • The optional survival cash benefit gives the policyholder the right to withdraw from the investment account predetermined amounts at fixed dates prior to the maturity date of the policy and subject to the Life Assured being alive at the date the option is exercised

If you start Allianz Program for Financial Planning now, your money will be carefully invested and returned to you at the agreed intervals. This means you will have the money you need to get married, buy a home, save for your children’s education and retire comfortably.

All services at a glance 
Basic Cover
  • Death
    Death benefit is payable to beneficiaries if the insured person dies whilst the policy is in force
Additional Optional Covers
  • Total Permanent Disability
    This benefit includes the payment of the death cover in case the insured person suffered from total and permanent disability due to accident and/or illness for a continuous period of six (6) months without being able to perform his/her usual occupation or any other occupation.
  • Accidental Death and/or Disability
    This additional benefit is payable to the insured or the beneficiaries if the insured person suffers a bodily injury as a direct result of a sudden accident; causing directly within a period of twelve (12) months death or permanent disablement.
Strong advantages 
A program suitable for all life stages
Varity of different payment frequencies; monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually
The option to partially withdraw from your investment account in case of any unforeseen financial need that arises after the completion of first policy year
On premium anniversary after the first calendar year (maximum twice a year) 
An extra premium injected to the policy to increase the investment benefits that can be withdrawn anytime with profit 
Protect your benefits against inflation
  • A tailor made program with flexibility in all aspects of the plan
  • The plan is available in Egyptian pound or US dollar
  • You can have total permanent disability or/and accidental death and accidental disability as optional covers
Take the right step and start planning now!
The plan provides you with financial support needed to pursue your goals such as throwing a wedding, buying a new home, educating your children, maintaining a good standard of living for your family and securing a pension that will enable you to live comfortably during retirement.
  1. After your discussion with Allianz financial consultant, you can set the frequency, amount of premiums, and your desired financial targets (e.g. a target each 5 years)
  2. The program will offer you the planned financial amounts on the agreed intervals
The program gives you peace of mind knowing that your beneficiaries will be financially secured. They will receive the sum assured defined for the cover in case of death, disability or critical illness and if it was due to an accident they will receive another additional amount.
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