Allianz for Life
In times like this

Being an "alliance for life" has never been more relevant than it is today. It underlines that Allianz as a company is there for people through thick and thin, always providing guidance, support and true partnership throughout their lives. In times like these, with anxiety and uncertainty so widespread, Allianz can reinstall people's confidence that better times are ahead. And when the world gets back to normal, when we'll still be there - always working to secure your future with high quality products, simple solutions and reliable care.

Our activities in Egypt

Protect Yourself Video Series

We are always our customers companion in exploring life and through all times. In these uncommon circumstances, we are keen to keep our customers safe yet make better use of their time. Watch "Protect Yourself" series now!


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Allianz for Life is a global initiative that features local stories on how the collective actions of humans around the world can support in times of crisis - from small acts to big initiatives.