Group Surgical Plan

Progressive organizations need to provide a competitive set of Employee Benefits. By providing a flexible, high-value benefit packages, you'll be better equipped to retain your best talents and appeal to prospective candidates. Our Employee Benefit packages are tailored to increase the financial security of staff members, and in doing so, improve motivational and retention levels across the organization.

The Group Surgical Plan is a competitive medical solution that offers your employees and their families an ideal protection in case of any surgical intervention according to policy covers. The surgical plan offers the peace of mind of undergoing the surgery anywhere in the world and reimbursing its costs up to predefined limits.

This is what Allianz Group Surgical Plan offers you at a glance

Basic Covers

Emergency Surgeries

A health condition sustained as a result of sudden, covered illness or injury that requires an immediate surgical intervention within twenty four (24) hours of the illness or injury.

  • Lump sum payment at retirement
  • Annuity payment for a period selected by the client
  • Combination of lump sum and annuity

Elective Surgeries

Any diagnosed illness or injury necessitating a surgery to be performed within a specified lapse of time in the future and which is deemed as being medically necessary and which must be legally permitted.

Additional Optional Covers

Death Cover

Benefit is payable in case of death of the insured individual within thirty (30) days as a direct result of undergoing the covered surgery.

Hospital Cash Benefit

This rider provides the insured with a daily indemnity during a valid hospital stay for a maximum of thirty (30) days.

With Allianz Group Surgical Plan, we promise you...

Healthcare Providers

Treatment at trusted and recognized healthcare providers.


A variety of tailor-made solutions that best suit your employees with the most competitive pricing with minimum and easy underwriting requirements..

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated Key Account Manager to manage the overall business relationship across all lines of business, as well as a dedicated Operations Account Manager to take care of all your day to day operational requests.

Employees Seminars

Clear and comprehensive seminar presentations according to the employees and management levels.

Efficient Service

Prompt and efficient claims management.

Transparency in your contract

You can count on Allianz. In our case you do not have to fear any cost traps in case of damage.

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Program is offered from Allianz Insurance Company - Egypt (S.A.E) License no. 13/2001 in insurance companies registry in Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority

Allianz Insurance Company - Egypt (S.A.E) License no. 13/2001 in insurance companies registry in Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority


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