Why is Allianz partnering with UNICEF?

More than 10 million children in Egypt are living in poverty. The impact of poverty on children is far more pronounced and with negative and irreversible consequences which affect children’s chances to survive and develop.

Allianz is supporting UNICEF’s work to strengthen social inclusion and social protection programmes for vulnerable children and their families in Egypt.
This is taking place through the joint “I Will Learn – I Deserve a Chance” in 2019 & "Our Children – Our project" in 2021 Initiatives which aimed at ensuring every child has a chance to learn.

Over a period of 3 years (2019-2022) Allianz Egypt will help in promoting changes needed to improve the access of families living in poverty to quality basic services and their inclusion in society. With every Motor or Life insurance policy sold, Allianz will support UNICEF in giving an opportunity for every child a better life. 

I Will Learn – I Deserve a Chance

Our Children – Our project

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