Full-fledged Car Insurance Program

Main Benefits and Features
As a car owner, it is almost impossible imagining your life without your car. Not only do you depend on it for the most essential things such as getting to work and taking your children to school, but even for the most fun such as meeting friends and traveling.

That’s why you need to be prepared when the unexpected occurs.
  • By taking a simple step with Allianz, you can rest assured that you will have the financial support you need in the case of any misfortune
  • A comprehensive protection program, Motor Plus is designed to give you one complete car protection solution in one single package.
All services at a glance 

Cars will be covered against:

  • Collision
  • Coup Accidental
  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Self-Ignition
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Increasing personal liability up to EGP 100,000 for one accident/year
  • Personal Accident cover for car driver and 3 persons
Road Side Assistance
  • Car transport service in the event of an accident or malfunction
  • Car towing in case of exit from the road or falling into a slope
  • Perforated tire replacement
  • Delivery of fuel in case of sudden force
  • Charging the battery
Three strong advantages 
You can count on Allianz. In our case you do not have to fear any cost traps in case of damage. 
Allianz cares about the repair of your car immediately after an accident. 
Comprehensive program that protects your car from a wide range of accidents
With premiums payable only once a year, you significantly minimize the costs associated with a car accident and quickly regain the convenience and comfort of your car. Enjoy the many competitive advantages Motor One offers:
  • Comprehensive program that protects your car from a wide range of accidents
  • Option of using Allianz designated service centers or your own independent service center
  • A professional and knowledgeable service team dedicated to assisting you
  • Guaranteed, fast and efficient handling of all claims within 5 working days from submitting all required documents
  • A comprehensive and clearly documented contract with no hidden clauses or conditions
  • Peace of mind, knowing that Allianz has a flawless track record in honoring all agreements
  • Annual renewal discounts for clients with no claims over the year (20% first year, 30% second year and 40% third year)
  • Enjoy a discounted rate in case of insuring an additional vehicle of a family member
Quick and easy to your protection
Get your Motor Plus Car Insurance quotation now on My Allianz mobile application. You can also submit and track claims, call Road Side Assistance service and know the list of the preferred repair shops that are near to you.
What would you like to know? 
Motor Plus is a twelve-month plan, payable just once a year, with the payment method that suits you.  
You can submit your claim via Allianz Customer Portal, click hereor via Mobile Application download hereor by sending your claim to motor.claims@allianz.com.eg, you can know more about the required documents and process here

Clients have the choice of either using...

  • Allianz’s authorized service agents, where the payment for repairs will be settled directly (after deducting any agreed percentage) between Allianz and the center; eliminating the need for you to pay any money and wait for reimbursement.
  • Independent service centers or car dealership/agent, where you pay for the repairs in full and then submit the invoice to Allianz to reimburse the amount after deducting the co-payment percentage.
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Program is offered from Allianz Insurance Company - Egypt (S.A.E) License no. 13/2001 in insurance companies registry in Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority